Cuba: First cultural destination in America for National Geographic


The prestigious American media National Geographic designated Cuba as the first cultural destination to visit on the American continent this year, as shown today on its official website.

The cover of the publication is an image of one of Havana's traditional sidewalks, crowned by flower sellers and accompanied by a caption that highlights the capital as a melting pot of cultures, with various African, Caribbean and Spanish influences.

In the list of their five recommended places, the Caribbean island is followed by Peru; the Deep South, in reference to a trip through the cities that border the Mississippi River, in the United States; and then Mexico and Colombia.

Under the title 5 Experts Share Their Favorite Cultural Destinations in North and South America, National Geographic argues that the vast and diverse continents of North and South America are a world-class cultural destination.

In this region, travelers can explore the streets of colonial-era Havana in Cuba, trace the roots of American music along the Mississippi, or travel by rail through the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru.

Regarding Cuba's nomination for first place, it points out that it is ideal for its unique history and rich nightlife.

In its X account, the Cuban Ministry of Tourism drew attention to the recent selection of the Caribbean country as the first cultural destination to visit on the American continent during 2024. 


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