Documentary Cuba in Africa is shown in Washington, DC


The Ethiopian-American filmmaker Negash Abdurahman said this Friday that he felt very honored to be able to present in Washington his award-winning documentary 'Cuba in Africa', which narrates the Cuban internationalist epic in the liberation of that continent.

Prior to the screening of the audiovisual, the director declared to the Prensa Latina agency that “it is the first time that we approach the public in this part of the country.”

For Abdurahman, this film was a challenge that attempted to show an unpublished story and Cuba's heroic contribution in the fight against colonialism and apartheid in Southern Africa.

'Cuba in Africa' has garnered more than 20 awards since its premiere in Havana in April 2022.

Last year, the documentary won the Thomas Sankara Prize at the Pan-African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou (Fespaco), in Burkina Faso.   In addition, it was awarded the award for Best Documentary Short Film at the 30th edition of the Pan-African Film and Arts Festival in Los Angeles, California.

“Cuba sacrificed its sons and daughters to bring freedom to millions of Africans,” said the documentary filmmaker in a previous interview, commenting that this great epic of the Cubans was “without expecting anything in return.”

Diplomats from the embassies of Cuba, Namibia, South Africa, Bolivia and Nicaragua in the United States attended the screening.

Alejandro García, second head of Cuban mission, thanked Abdurahman for his contribution with a film that addresses a topic of such significance for generations of Cubans. (Source: Prensa Latina)


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