History of Havana told through art in tribute exhibition


The history of the Cuban capital told through archaeological relics, maps, illustrations, paintings, prints and pictures, marks the exhibition that will arrive at the National Museum of Fine Arts to honor this 500-year-old city.

Under the title 'Havana: images of five centuries,' the exhibition will take place at the Cuban Art Building of this cultural institution from December 13 to February 2020.

The exhibition, which was curated by Niurka Fanego, Maria Lucia Bernal and Manuel Crespo, offers a selection of the first images of Havana up to the present, in order to illustrate the historical path of the city through nine central themes.

As Fanego explained, the first part of the selection deals with indigenous settlements in Havana (Tainos and Campeche's aborigines), with archaeological objects and geographical location schemes of the first three settlements, as well as a current street plan and a list of the first roads.

The exhibition also includes a dozen cartography works, images of the city according to European engravers and painters of the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


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